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Get going! Regardless of which vehicle you require for your current media production – we will take care of it.

From passenger cars to vans and right up to heavy haulage vehicles. From the booking to the organisation and right up to the provisioning. Needless to say, at attractive preferential rates. However, CMS is more than a mere mediator between the media branch and rental vehicles.

For us, your interests are also our interests. Therefore, you can rely on additional services that will benefit your production, e.g. the cost calculation that takes account of the film subsidy criteria. Thus our media experience pays off for you.

Our team

Our team

From left to right: Andreas Eppinger, Stephan Eppinger, Karina Tews, Regina Ellerbrock, Kay Wohlert, Christian Zaché, Silke Schack, Maria Duah, Ulrich Schlottau, Jan-Paul Fortmann, Jörg Viergutz, Ulrike Röhrig, Vic Kranz, Oliver Pinho, Eloy Bulut, Uta Kahl, Jaroslava Jartz, Nicole Heinze, Tobias Soika, Thomas Landmesser, Christian Tamm


If you are planning a project and would like to speak directly with our service team members, you have come to the right place.


Event of damage? Missed a petrol station? Problems with the rental car? You will be helped at our Service-Centre!

Our partners

The right car rental for your project. We will take care of all your coordination requirements and select the optimal partner.